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Naglfar, Schammasch, Anomalie / Prague

24.Listopad | 19:30 -23:45 UTC+1

400Kč – 500Kč

THEY ARE BACK! With over a decade not being on tour supreme Swedish Black Metal authority Naglfar will return for a unique 16-dates pilgrimage through Europe reviving the old spirits of the scene with their recent re-release of their very first Demo ‘Stellae Trajectio’ from 1994 and some more surprises in their bags.

Accompanied by no other than Swiss extreme Metal institution Schammasch whose magnum opus ‘Triangle’ and recent EP ‘The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite’ were nominated several times as one of the top year’s releases. This tour will be the last chance to witness a set extensively concentrating on those two masterpieces, to experience the very pinnacle of spiritual engagement manifested through sound and a live setup that will guide the path into a world far beyond the physical realm.

Who has seen Anomalie already felt their powerful and capturing energy on stage, their tunes and emotional authenticity turning whole concert halls of chatter into astonished silence. They will open the gates of this journey, being the second edition of QUANTHEON Touring’s series ‘Rise of the Cosmic Fire’, a concept tour known to not only create a unique surrounding atmosphere for the music but also collaborating with renowned artists of the scene exclusively presenting their works.

Exhibitions of talented souls such as French cover art designer Vincent Fouquet of Above Chaos, skull carver Kvlt&Knochen and C.S.R from SAROS Collective, Polish designer Cinthere Clothing, Irish painter Fuil.Arsa.Art, visual artist Sunvemetal in collaboration with English author Daryl Parson and craftswoman Laetitia Mantis will be featured the entire tour.




Předprodej startuje od 1.8.2018!!!!

Pre Sale: 400 CZK (
Box Office: 500 CZK

19:30 Doors
20:00 – 20:50 Anomalie
21:15 – 22:10 Schammasch
22:30 – 23:45 Naglfar

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19:30 -23:45
400Kč – 500Kč
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Nová Chmelnice
Koněvova 219
Praha, Česká republika
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