Misery Index – The Killing Gods (2014)

USA, Grindcore/Death metal

01.[00:00] Urfaust (instrumental)
02.[01:07] The Calling
03.[04:46] The Oath (instrumental)
04.[06:06] Conjuring the Cull
05.[10:52] The Harrowing
06.[15:20[ The Killing Gods
07.[20:50] Cross to Bear
08.[25:16] Gallows Humor
09.[30:00] The Weakener
10.[33:55] Sentinels
11.[36:32] Colony Collapse
12.[40:06] Heretics
13.[43:42] Thieves of the New World Order

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- Cvok, hater, milovník hudby, dobrého piva, rumu a všeho co je dobré..

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