Finští doom metalisté SWALLOW THE SUN chystají k vydání rovnou troj album, ze kterého se 27518-1chystají vypustit nové písně. Skrze Century Media Records se 13. listopadu dostane na svět skladba z „North“ I, II a i III. Budete si tedy moci porovnat, jak budou zhruba odlišně od sebe znít jednotlivá alba. Na boku naleznete obal, jež ozdobí tento trojdisk. Níže tracklist ke každému z disků!

01. With You Came The Whole Of The World’s Tears
02. 10 Silver Bullets
03. Rooms And Shadows
04. Heartstrings Shattering
05. Silhouettes
06. The Memory Of Light
07. Lost & Catatonic
08. From Happiness To Dust

Total playing time: 59:20

Songs From The North II is a beautiful, acoustic foray representing the group’s ability to unplug and revel in the darkness.

01. The Womb Of Winter
02. The Heart Of A Cold White Land
03. Away
04. Pray For The Winds To Come
05. Songs From The North
06. 66°50´N,28°40´E
07. Autumn Fire
08. Before The Summer Dies

Total playing time: 42:33

Songs From The North III is the most extreme album, a complete ride into Swallow The Sun‚s most horrific abyss of finely-crafted, conscience-crushing funeral doom.

01. The Gathering Of Black Moths
02. 7 Hours Late
03. Empires Of Loneliness
04. Abandoned By The Light
05. The Clouds Prepare For Battl

  • Total playing time: 51:57


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