Enslaved – Thurisaz Dreaming (In Times 2015)

Norští progresivní black metalisté Enslaved chystají vydání nového alba a zveřejnili první skladbu ve formě lyric videa!

Ivar Bjørnson states: “Finally, the first song from the album is released upon the world! This great lyric video is certainly a good way to present the song and the album. ‘Thurisaz Dreaming’ was the first song to be written for the album, and kept the place as the natural opener for the album all the way throughout the entire making of the album. It leaps out of the speaker and grabs you by the throat – it’s a song that makes you take a stand right there during the first seconds of the album: are you up for the journey?! Of course you are!”

01. Thurisaz Dreaming
02. Building With Fire
03. One Thousand Years Of Rain
04. Nauthir Bleeding
05. In Times
06. Daylight

Album vychází 6.března u Nuclear Blast!

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Enslaved – Thurisaz Dreaming (In Times 2015)

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