Skyforger – Senprūsija (2015)


Po několika letech usilovné práce přijdou s novým albem folk metalisté Skyforger. Deska ponese název “Senprūsija”  a vyjde 6. dubna. Níže je prohlášení kapely, tracklist a obal materiálu!

Our new album Senprūsija (Old Prussia) is dedicated to the Prussians, the now extinct third Baltic nation. For us Latvians and Lithuanians, the two remaining Baltic nations, it is very important not to forget this part of our common history and that is why we made this album. (Note: the Germans, who conquered Prussia, also started to call themselves Prussians; however, they had nothing in common with the actual Baltic people of ancient Prussia.) The idea behind the album’s cover art is that there is nothing left of Old Prussians, except some bones found in archaeological sites and a few other artefacts, while the rest is lost into the darkness of past.”

Tracklist “Senprūsija”:
01. Ei skīja, skīja
02. Senprūsija
03. Sudāvu jātnieki
04. Tagad vai nekad
05. Herkus Monte
06. Rāmava
07. Lepnums un spīts
08. Divi brāļi
9. Melnās buras
10. Nekas nav aizmirsts
11. Rituāls
12. Zem Lietuvas karogiem



O Autorovi

Redaktor webů Metalirium, Marastmusic a magazínu Full Moon, posluchač především post, sludge, stoner metalu, black metalu, post-rocku a alternativních interpretů.



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