Finally, the day has come, the day when my big wish was fulfilled, to see powerful Belial and her fellow musicians from the Czech meadows and groves. ASKEREGN are one of the bands, which i have never seen, because i hadn’t got money or the band played too far from me, and i have to add the fact, that ASKEREGN are not among the bands that tour a lot. Anyway, i was looking forward to the concert like a young child to chocolate, and i finally got what i wanted all along. The whole evening offered another bands, which i’m of course going to mention. Safe bet are DEGORYEN and DARK SEAL, these bands never dissapoint, you exactly know what you’ll get and you’ll still enjoy it, because to your ears will come great music, worth of interest. Bigger unknown were the headliners of tour DEKADENT from Slovenia. I listened to their music a week before, and i can say that i enjoyed their music and it’s pleasant to listen and that is why i was so excited to experience atmospheric and emotionally charged concert. Favorite club „Brooklyn“ was nicely filled, so i was happy that attendance was great at least at one concert in Brno.
The first band is coming and i see familiar faces of DEGORYEN on the stage, accompanied by the members of DARK SEAL-(guitar,bass). I don’t have anything other to write about this band, and also about DARK SEAL. It was just a quality standart, which was nice to listen and on which was great mosh pit. But i have to commend the singer Nergal, his vocal gets better and better, i like his depressive lament and shriek the most, because this is when the vocalist sounds the most powerful. Sound was absolutely brilliant for all night. In this view, Brooklyn grew up tremendously and i’m really happy because of it, because concerts in Brooklyn used to be often unlistenable. Anyway the band sounds even greater with full line-up, sound of the band is more powerful, so you can recognize the change.

And now the celtic warriors DARK SEAL are going on the stage. I’m always looking forward to see them live, but their new songs still don’t fit to me, so i’ll not rate them, until the new album is out, but the whole concert i was looking forward to hear cult songs like „Beltain“. But this doesn’t change anything, the concert was great and DARK SEAL proved, that they can’t play badly. Even if they are rumours about the drummer Honza, that he doesn’t drum as he used to, i’m glad that he is in DARK SEAL. His drumming is much better compared to ex-drummer Satan, so it’s greater pleasure to listen and watch how he is drumming.

There it is! ASKEREGN have a soundcheck and everyone is going before the stage like they are possessed by Satan. Already during the soundcheck people can’t stay calm and are moshing like without senses. During the intro and the first song comes indescribable hell. Marie spits one sinful word after another, each of her scream hypnotized me. When i looked at the fans, i can say that i absolutely wasn’t the only one. Moshing before the stage was… undescribable. People reacted on every tone, every Maria’s move, chanting name of the band was after every song. When i recall the memory of the atmosphere, i’ve got willies, i haven’t enjoyed concert so much for a long time. Songs were from the only album – Ascheregn, so i heard my most favorite „Proglom der Flammen“ and „Schwarzer Tod“, from which i was so fanatical, that i couldn’t take even a single thought about the end of the concert. Unfortunately the end came. I have to say, ASKEREGN are one of the greatest bands, that you can see live, and i consider the Brooklyn concert like one of my best live experiences that i have.

After ASKEREGN started DEKADENT from Slovenia, sadly i have to say, it was empty. The music that came from the stage was only cotton wool without any catchy parts. Musicians seemed sterile, like they didn’t enjoy the concert, they just played what they had to and that was the end. It’s shame, after incredibly powerful appearance of ASKEREGN were DEKADENT weak, and even the fans seemed tired and bored, and I wasn’t wondering.
Friday’s night was really great and surprising with its atmosphere and number of people who came, this is how every concert should look like, enjoying the music on 100%. And complaining about the price? 150 crowds isn’t really much, or most’s nothing. I don’t get people who can’t bear such price, in fact, the price for these bands should be much bigger. In this city, people just don’t have respect to music,bands and actions, that are arranged here for them, again i’m pissed off and disgusted. With this I am concluding my report with a thought on so awesome night, that i would give almost everything to go back in time and see it again. I hope that especially Askeregn will come soon, i want to see them and it will not change. I recommend ASKEREGN to all who like hateful,dark and cold black metal, you really should go to their concert, you will never forgot on it.

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