The band Welicoruss, has left Russia and moved to Europe trying to captivate the same fame as they have done in Russia. These cold Siberian Viking are now located in the heart of the Europe (Czech Republic) and with a new line-up.

The 3 new members are:
Drummer: David Urban (Czech)
Bass: Dmitriy Zhikharevich (Russian)
Guitars: Gojko Marić (Serbian)
Thus making the band international (Czech-Serbian-Russian).

The band is releasing their brand new album entitled Az Esm’ which in ancient Russian means I AM.
We also heard that with the Album is coming a brand new video clip entitled after the album “Az Esm’ “.
Besides the new upcoming release, the band has been also playing around Europe in 2014 and even managed to play live with bands like Enisferum, Arkona, Haggard, Alestorm, Amaranthe, Rhapsody , Dream Evil, Crucified Babara, Destruction(GER) etc.
And they planning hell’uva more concerts and touring in 2015, so watch out and don’t miss them, for sure they will be playing in your town !!


Here the art-cover of the forth coming album and also the track list:

  1. Intro
    2. Az Esm’
    3. Voice Of Millennium
    4. Sons Of The North
    5. Woloshba
    6. Fires Of The Native Lands
    7. Bridge Of Hope
    8. Dolmen
    9. Kharnha
    10. Fragments
    11. Outsider
    12. Epilogue

Here you can check the two video clips “Sons of the North“ and “Kharnha“ (can you make them into a hyperlink please so they can view the video’s) that have been already released so you know what’s waiting for you on their new album.

For more information’s you can also follow the band at the following links:

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The links to the hyperlink for Sons of the North and Kharnha are here:

Sons of the north:


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