This lineup might confuse at first. Orchestral void and proggy tales – could that work? Indeed, it can. And it does here! The passion for dark soundscapes from three very different angles adds to a atmospheric beauty of a renaissance fresco in metal.

A Tuesday might not be the perfect day to fill a venue for any lineup. And so – no surprise – it was not a sold-out show, but the crowd was quite decent in numbers, still! Actually that meant just enought space to mosh, and bang and drink a beer in between.

The undiluted power of more than seven decades of band history (counting all three bands) filled the night with atmospheric sounds, glorious light shows and energetic performance. Like a thunder storm the evening evolved. Sort of smoothly the wolves sneaked a rising tension into our minds before heavy gusts of stormy tales from the thousand lakes rumbled and the eoian thunder storm full erupted. 


For thirty years Amorphis have been around. And thus their show delievered a songs from the very beginning to the recent album presented as passionate as ever. 

Dimmu Borgir

The masters of symphonic darkness have once more enchanted with a magical light show. They simply do not miss to their shows a memorable experience for ears and eyes!

Wolves In The Throne Room

A low humming grows into a creepy riff flowing into another even creepier … Very atmospheric the Wolves In The Throne Room opened the show night, stirring in the guts and arousing expectations for more …

O autorovi

"It has always been this way!" - I heard this phrase too often and it became the best reason for me to make it (whatever it is) my own way.

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