Did I say I wanted to send reports every other hour or something? Well. It’s not working. I am hurrying to and fro to photograph all the amazing bands, talk to them and do some networking so I might be able to deliver even more cool stuff.

The gigs yesterday were simply amazing. Psychework sound live a good deal harder and tougher than recorded. Their show is enthusiastic and Antony Parviainen is a charismatic front man.

A special highlight certainly was the gig of Vorna. Emotional, moving, maybe stirring, authentic and the music … well, I loved it before. But now that I saw them live. I can’t say. Well perhaps I am short in words as the drummer of Devil Drive is soundchecking, and trying hard to be heard up to Helsinki – which is like four hours by car from here! There are good news:  first, we or more presicely I will see Vorna live again only next week on Friday’s Tuska After Show Party – just before Barren Earth! Second, I met with Vorna today in their camp for an interview. Once again I tried to make it not too long. But that did not work out. So there’ll be a big interview with Vorna coming soon!

The last gig we attended completely was legendary Abhorrence. And hei, what can I say. They DID rock the stage. Never mind the crowd was not too impressive but the spirit and enthusiasm of the band during the show – it was more than many much younger bands deliver. I will write a little more about the gig when posting the photos!

For the crowd the highlight yesterday, surely was the gig of Ensiferum. They came from the very last camp, crawled to the stage if walking after two or three days of heavy partying was no more an option. They ran if they were late to miss no more than they had already. So there was a massive crowd in front of the stage partying and banging to the folky sounds in the forest!

Today there were so many incredibly good gigs. Even more there were amazing interviews with Eugene Kostyuk of Jinjer and Ville Laihijala and Kimmo Hiltunen of S-Tool. And there is yet more to come.

Speaking of S-Tool, they started an energetic, most passionate gig, delivering their music directly into the hearts and guts of the crowd. Then somehow the sound of Ville’s guitar broke and for a moment even his ‚mike‘ did not work. Long story told short: after a long break, the third amplifier and I don’t know fifth or more wire finally the guitar was on again. Most of the crowd had left by then. But those who stayed were loyal fans being rewarded by an extra passionately presented set of songs.

Stay tuned! Stay curious! Listen to metal – well perhaps not to that nerve wracking drummer exceeding the needs of sound check by hammering the last sense out of his head. Sorry, but if you could hear this – you will agree!

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