A viper (Kyy) appeared from Finnish Lahti… black metal band released their debut album ‘Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death’. And these newcomers put a lot into it.

Even when Kyy realeased their first EP ‘Travesty of Light’, it was clear that they wouldn’t remain unnoticed. Now, they’re offering us their full-length album, which definitely worth listening. Well, it does, if you like screaming of gloomy evil necromancers, who are hiding in the forest, running around sauna, kicking mushrooms and lovely dears.

It is necessary to say that Kyy are bad guys. Nevertheless, it isn’t only about darkness of hate screamed in the tunnel of hate and other classical black-metal attributes, including big portion of cruelty and mass of tones, whose movement forward is unstoppable. It is also about very good music, and that is a bonus, which usually counts.

There are some albums, where those ritual dark motives are so exaggerated that they make listeners roll their eyes. Kyy, however, are using those attributes well. They cut large pieces of darkness and roast them for a very short time, keeping bloody inside. Frenetic screaming of cruel necromancers doesn’t get anyhow boring. What I personally appreciated, was an absolute compactness of the sound. It is a pulsing music, which is well-composed and played with. Sometimes a punk-rock motive appears, followed by deeper, darker theme. Kyy are players… in more than one sense of this word.

This album, which sounds of Finnish Manala, is doing its best to tear flash from the bones and it has a potential to get listener’s attention. Fans of the band can paint pentagrams all over their saunas and enjoy nice hot winter evening, a little light-headed because of the viper’s bite.

Recenze: Kyy-„Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death“

And before another bizarre vision appears in my mind, I quickly recommend this and listen to the strange hollow sound of the drums again.

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