The clock is ticking and Tuska is approaching – so let’s take a look at the line up. Udo Dirkschneider will be there! I just saw him in a music video in memoriam of someone who is perhaps rather unknown beyond Finland, perhaps even beyond Kuopio – although he played at Tuska several times: Pecu Cinnari.

There will not be too many of yours who have heard of the metal veterans of Tarot, a band whose roots lead us back into the late 70s. By that time, the brothers Marco (bass and vocals) and Zachary Hietala (guitar) from Kuopio and some of their friends formed a band called Purgatory. A couple of years later the band Tarot was formed from the brothers Marco and Zachary, the second guitarist Mako H and the drummer Pecu Cinnari. In 1988 Mako left, while a keyborder joined the band: Janne Tolsa. Since 2006, a second voice added to the vocals and took care of the sampler, Tommi Salmela. The band members have been active in many more bands, such as and most popular, of course, is Marco who joined Nightwish back in 2001. But also Janne Tolsa has become very popular with Turmion Katilöt, founded already back in 2003 or with Eternal Tears of Sorrow. Zachary Hietala plays for example also in Marenne (with Janne Tolsa, also!) or A2Z.

In 2012 another band was founded, Lazy Bonez. Their founding line up was a rendevouz with Tarot members Tommi Salmela, Pecu Cinnari, Janne Tolsa. They released their first album called „Vol. 1“ and their first single: „First to go, last to know“ featuring no one less than Udo Dirkschneider and Marco Hietala. The legend goes that Lazy Bonez approached Dirkschneider to feature their song and he would only agree if Marco joined. But that might only be a legend. Anyway Marco did.

“First to go” is a cover with edited lyrics honouring the memory of Pecu Cinnari who died only last year. Once again Marco Hietala and Udo Dirkschneider featured Lazy Bonez. The video was published only these days.

Tarot, the band from Kuopio, can surely be seen as one of the foundations of the Finnish metal community. Tarot played five gigs in the 20 years of Tuska festival history. And Udo Dirkschneider, we will see him this year again with his gig on Sunday afternoon.

Stay tuned! Stay curious! Listen to metal!

And remember those who left too early:

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