We prepared for you an interview with Icelandic band Skálmöld. Questions were answered by their guitarist Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson.

Arnion: At the first, thank you very much for your wonderful concert in Prague. How did you enjoy your gig with Korpiklaani?
Touring with the Korpi-boys is awesome. I did not know them before, had only met them a few times but we became good friends. I really like them and the gig was good.

A: Your concert in Prague had great spirit, how do you like Czech fans?
We love playing in Prague, we always enjoy it. Czech fans are amazing, really nice people and we really enjoy meeting them after the shows.

A: Do you plan to be at some summer festival in Czech?
I honestly don’t know how the festival-schedule is for Skálmöld this summer but I hope we will be there!!!

A: I have seen you like beer as every metalhead. How do you like Czech beer?
The boys in Skálmöld love their beer, I’m the one who likes wine a bit more and then some Jack Daniel’s. But I think you have a beer called Kozel, dark beer, right? I like that one a lot!

A: Where do you take inspirations for your albums? Your last album is about nine worlds of Nordic mythology, am I right? What is your broader inspiration?
I think we are inspired by everything that moves us. If we like something, it will have an affect on our writing. For me, growing up in Iceland with the volcanoes and crazy weather (you can have snow, rain, sunshine, everything at the same time here in Iceland) you are of course inspired by it.

A: Your videoclip for Niðavellir is quite unusual. Who came up with the idea?
I don’t remember who had the initial idea but as soon as we started talking about it everybody in the band loved the idea. Basically, we had no money to do a video. We were doing the promo photoshoot for our new album and somebody came up with this idea. We are taking it further though … you will love our new video, soon to be released!

A: I know, that Iceland is mysterious country and beside catholic religion there is also your own one, do you belive in hidden people?
Yes. I have respect for the people living in the rocks, and mountains. If you don’t show respect, you’re doomed. Nature will aways win, you can’t beat it. And you should not try to beat it. Respect it and you might survive a bit longer.

A: There are few metal bands on Iceland known also in Czech like you, Solstafir and Vintage caravan. Can you decribe the metalheads environment in your country?
A lot of bands, that’s for sure. In Iceland you hear all kinds of music from the people around you and you might even play in a few different type of bands. There is also a great metal-festival here called Eistnaflug! You should check it out! Then there are a few venues for bands of all sizes to play at which is important for the bands perfecting their arts!

A: I have seen wonderful concert with Icelandic Symphonical Orchestra, will you prepare something similar? What was important and interesting for you in this type of cooperation?
I loved playing with the orchestra. We will do it again but when, I don’t know. I think it brought our music to wider audience. More people like us now which is good!

A: Where do you take inspiration for orchestral parts and who is the main componist?
We all write the music and we all have ideas but for the orchestra project our good friend Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson arranged the music.

A: What do you prefer, smaller concert in club as Meet Factory or big open festival stage?
Do I have to choose? I love both!!! I love the closeness of the smaller venues, the audience is in your face and you can see who is really into your music and who is there for the first time. At bigger festivals you dont have the closeness but then again you can´t help but be in awe of the size of the festivals and the many people showing up, it´s amazing.

A: How do you spent your time, when are you not at tour?
I have my own music school and I have to take care of that but then of course I like to spend time with my family and I have a house in the north of Iceland where I  like to spend my days off. I love to go and enjoy tha nature.

A: What do your familys and friends think about your work?
Most of my friends and family are supportive and like what I do.

A: What music do you normaly listen to? Metal or something else?
I listen to metal most of the time but I love music in general, if it´s good music, it´s good music you know what I mean? I dont like to categorize music too much. Music is just music and we should enjoy listening to it as much as possible. Basically it´s good music and bad music. I´m listening to the new Kreator album now and also the new Sepultura album.

A: Can you share your plans for future? Some concrete targets?
This year, touring and festivals. Next year, a new album and then some touring etc et it´s the circle of life!!!

A: Thank you very much for your time. Do you want to share some message for our readers?
Thank you for your questions. I´m looking forward to being back and talking to you about music and history, your history is amazing and I´d love to learn more about it!!!

New video came up now, on 3th of March and it is video of song Múspell:

source of images: https://www.facebook.com/skalmold/

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