A gloomy November night in Berlin …

A very interesting line up will shred the stage of „Huxleys Neue Welt“, a very traditional venue in Berlin Neukölln. The Portuguese Prog Metal veterans Moonspell have brought the Black Metal masters Rotting Christ along and special guests from Switzerland, Silver Dust.

Moonspell have passed into a legend status by now. Born in the wild 1990s their style has changed as often as the decades inbetween and yet evolved into a „clearly Moonspell“. The the whole concept of pressing bands into the boxes of genres, subgenres and sub-subgrenre is pellucitly absurd all the more if such have been around for several decades and 12 full-length albums by now. This works no less with Rotting Christ being founded even earlier. 

With bands from Portugal, Greece and Switzerland the tour line up also prooves that neither legendary metal bands have ever been limited to orignate from the UK or the USA nor that the North of Europe is the sole soil from which of creators of the darkest soundscapes have grown.

So how could a dark winter night be spent any better than in concert of such exquisite masters of gloomy musical atmospheres shredding with all their energy? By the way, the Devastation Of The Nation tour continues including Rotting Christ currently in North America. Rotting Christ have also been confirmed to play at the Slovian Metal Days in Tolmin this summer! 


Rotting Christ

Silver Dust

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