Imagine a friend asks you to check out a new song. Happens everyday. You do. You listen. And you think: Damn, it’s good!

I listen again. Wow. It’s got my vibes, my speed, my moods. And I listen once more to find a shallow glimpse of its depths. Oh dear!!! Catchy, but then more than that. It is this kind of catchiness that creeps rather slowly but unstoppable into your mind, it creeps on deeper, further into your soul and it would not stop before it has found a cosy and warm place deep inside your heart.

Still there are diverse elements keeping this voyage into darkness interesting even after the tenth time of listening in a row. There is a warm heaviness; it leaks out of the vivid yet not excessive level of aggression: It is this surreal form of aggression that seems to rip you open while it eases tension in the very same moment. Some riffs will stir your guts while others aid drifting off reality.

Finally, the words move to form to a content which creates bits of images in your mind. The mosaic pieces seem to be taken out of my book of life which is naturally unknown to the lyricist. But achiving this degree of identification with a song’s words – it’s called excellence and nothing less it is – to me.

Thus let’s plunge to the pitch black with Mors Subita!

O autorovi

"It has always been this way!" - I heard this phrase too often and it became the best reason for me to make it (whatever it is) my own way.

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