SadDoLLs latest music video is called „Jigsaw“ and it is a Tribute to Saw
made by the band out of pure love for the SAW franchise.
The song was recorded along with the new album „Blood Of A Kind“
and it’s mixed and mastered by Finnish mastermind Hiili Hiilesmaa.
The song will not be included in the upcoming album but instead
is given for free through a download link and from the band’s official
Soundcloud page as a gift not only to SadDoLLs fans but to SAW fans as well.
It is also an opportunity for people to have a taste of how the upcoming album
sounds, that will be released in March 2017 via Trisol Music Group.
The video was shot in The MINDTRAP Piraeus in a cool SAW escape room
and is directed by Leonidas Kechagias.

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