So how did you like part one of the interview with Abhorrence vocalist Jukka Kolehmainen? I can assure you that meeting him was feeling far from a classical interview. And the story is so weird it can only be true. No author would ever come up with such stuff. And yet you need a little more patience and wait for part two a little longer.

So for now, let’s take a look at, what there is to experience at the still quiet lakeside of Lake Nummijärvi. I am very much looking forward to meeting many bands. Here and now and in particular, I’d like to make you curious on: Kaunis Kuolematon and Jinjer.

Kaunis Kuolematon will be the very first band to play this year on the stages at the lakeside, which stupidly means: I am not going to see them play live. Hell! Or a bit more Finnish: Perkele! But when the first details of the program leaked out my travel plans were fixed … Never mind, anyway. The focus is on the band, of course. Kaunis Kuolematon derive from the deep South of Finland, a town called Hamina, not too far from Kotka. The picturesque scenery seems on the first glance not too much an inspiration for the extremely heavy and gloomy emotions you find in their doomy music. And still, imagine a roaring autumn storm tormenting the rocky coastline of the Baltic Sea – that is an image resembling very much the darkness of their music. Their lyrics are in Finnish – and I will speak about what that means to them during the interview. Personally, I like the sound of the Finnish language. And I find it a perfect fit to their music. As many others do, it seems: As it happens their first album “Kylmä Kaunis Maalima” was reviewed excellently from many reviewers around the globe. Those were not short in praise and compliment at all and thereby pushing the level of expectation to the latest album, “Vapaus”, released only in late March this year, to an incredible height.

Jinjer is a Ukrainian band that has internationally toured with a list of impressing names, such as Arch Enemy, Tiamat, Evanescence or Pain, to name only a few! They describe their music on themselves as the combination of groove and metalcore including some exotic flavours such as raeggae, funk or jazz and to round it in the end a pinch of European death metal. Speaking of their vocalist, I simply stick with: never underestimate a woman! Tatjana’s voice performing live is particularly one of the things I am top most curious to experience during the Nummirock festival! There are few vocalists I can think of possessing such a great range in their voice from bird-like clear and beautiful to all-hell-deep-and-lost growls. Actually in this very moment, I can only think of most adored Jón Aldará (Barren Earth and Hamferd).

Stay tuned! Stay curious! Listen to metal!

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