Finally: approaching Helsinki the very day the Heatseeker at Tavastia will start the Tuska Open Air marathon and this on a sunny day!!! After all the rain and cold of the Nummirock weekend, you might imagine this add remarkably to my excitement!

The line up is amazing and we have spoken of that plenty of times. So let’s focus on what is coming for my dear obscuro readers. And this is very exclusive stuff because I managed to make several appointments with musicians based in or near Helsinki yet not being in the line up. Still there is so much news to spread around them:

Let’s start with an interview with a particularly promising person: Anton Kabanen. Remember, he was the master mind and founder of Battle Beast before both parted ways on not exactly friendly terms. He has come up with a new band, Beast in Black that got a Tuska slot last year. Nothing special you say. And there you‘ re very wrong: The first release of this new band is scheduled only for this autumn! So how getting a slot at the Tuska festival? I hope he will reveal this secret to us!

Another impressing musician I am looking forward to meet is Jarkko Lunnas, the drummer and founder of Damnation Plan. There is a new album to discuss and more over I’d be curious to learn more on this man who seems to be heart and soul of this band.

There is a rather new band, Post Pulse. They have just released their first album: Halls of the damned. While the name that caught my attention in the first place is that of the guitarist: Antti Karhu, formerly The Man Eating Tree from Oulu. Yet we’re going to meet the vocalist Doe (Tapani Rantanen) and their bassist Sam Roon.

One more highlight I will spoil you with for the moment: Erkka Korhonen. The list of his activities is far too long to mention it here. But as the schedule of the Raskasta Joulua concerts has been launched lately we will surely have lots of interesting stuff to speak of!

Stay tuned! Stay curious! And listen to metal!


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