Gravenkiss: Greetings from Obscuro. Could you introduce your band to our readers?

George Downloved: Greetings! The band was created in 2006 as a cover band and after a series of line-up changes and material composing the E.P. Dead In The Dollhouse was recorded and followed by 3 full-length recordings- About Darkness… from 2009, Happy Deathday from 2012 and the latest album Grave Party was released in 2014 in Europe by the Finnish label Inverse Records. The band’s musical style has of course changed a little throughout the years, but the main genre can be described as Goth Metal with Industrial and electronic elements.

G: Your music is very melodic and I have found labels like gothic or even darkwave metal in connection with SadDoLLs. What´s your main source of inspiration?

George: Well, the term Darkwave Metal is the one we’ve been using for several years now and we think it kinda gives the listener a better and clearer example of what he can expect from SadDoLLs. Our main body of inspiration is basically life…and death if I may say so.

G: The line-up of SadDoLLs has changed several times. What´s the current line-up of your band?

George: Yes, this is the sad truth and the reason the band has changed so many members throughout the years of our existence as a team is because it is really hard nowadays to find good professionals to work with and to understand each other. The group was created with a reason to do a certain kind of music and all of the band mates must move and work under that agreement. The band cannot be changed and altered because one of the band members thinks so…So he or she must go. Nowadays the band consists of five members. I do the vocals and screams and I do the lyrics also, the guitarist Paul Evilrose is also responsible for the most song writing, the second guitarist Johnny Vitu (who is pretty good with acoustic guitars too), our base player George GB Brass, who is also our techno bubble computer design video and audio ´creppy´ guy, and of course there is the new guy on drums to be introduced later this year.

G: You have cooperated with some renowned musicians such as Skinny (Deathstars), Roberth Karlsson (Scar Symmetry), Jape Perätalo (To/Die/For). Are you friends or is it just professional collaboration?

George: We met all those guys through Facebook, a place made to meet and have friends, so yes, they are our friends:P If I may add that those musicians mentioned were the most professional people that we have ever worked with.




G: It´s obvious that you devote a lot of time and energy to your video clips- you have produced many of them…is visual art important to you?

George: Well yes, and this is because we are a gothic band and gothic bands must join visual with vocal at the same time. Another reason we are making loads of music videos is because we must promote our albums and music to the Internet world (because as you know the Music TV channels are kinda dead in this great new age of technology) and the visual art way pays more than a plain album cover art with the song just playing in the background. I think that our latest album Grave Party has many good ‚video clip songs‘ on the tracklist so we will try to get out as many music videos for this album as possible.

G: Your current label is Inverse Records. Are you satisfied with their work?

George: Yes, Inverse Records is by far the most professional record label we have ever worked with.

G: Unfortunately I haven´t found any tour dates on your official website. Are you planning to appear at any metal festivals this year?

George: Well, it’s all up in the air at the moment because we have a new drummer now and this kinda holds us back with live shows due to constant rehearsals in order to make our setlist sound like it should do. We unfortunately cancelled many shows in Europe because of the bad promoters and bookers we worked with in the past, so we are in search of a new booking agency as well, in order to arrange some shows for the upcoming season.

G: Your last album Grave Party was released in May 2014. Have you started working on the new material yet?

George: As I said before, we think that it is too early now to work on a new album, Grave Party is still fresh so we must promote it a little bit longer. We have new stuff in our minds, but it’s too early to start officially working on it.




G: Can we look forward to any songs in Greek or do you still prefer English in your lyrics?

George: Hehehhee…Our songs sound toooo Greek performed in Greek language so no, I don’t think so:P

G: You guys are very talented and I think you deserve much more attention of media and fans. What are your future plans and ambitions?

George: Thank you for your kind words. I really don’t have a clue. Maybe we should join the Illuminati in order to become more famous or something, I´m working on it:P Maybe our next album will be called Vatican City Blues:P

G: Do you have a message for our readers and your fans?

George: Like us on Facebook and subscribe us on Youtube! Ohhh…and eat your veggies…:)

G: Thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck 🙂

George: Thank you for your time and this lovely interview! Ta ta…






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