Sweden is the cradle of many great metal bands, but this one is unique. If you see Eleine´s show, you definitely won´t forget it. Here´s the interview with their charming singer Madeleine.

Gravenkiss: Greetings from Obscuro! Your band has been active since 2011 and you´ve described your style as seductive and monumental. Who is the main composer of your band and what are your musical influences?

Madeleine: Rikard and I are the main composers but everyone contributes. The musical influences are many and very mixed, but Metallica and Arch Enemy are two influences to mention a few.

G: You and Rikard both work on the lyrics. Can you tell me more about your lyrical themes?

Madeleine: We write a lot about the way of the world. Religion, war, and the human being overall. We want people to open their eyes and not look away when reading something bad on the news. At the same time not just swallow everything they read.

G: Eleine, you´re a successful alternative model. Which one is more demanding- making music or modelling?

Madeleine: Making music will always be number one. Modelling is fun and it’s also very inspiring. It’s another way for me to be creative and it helps my part of writing songs a lot. When I write a song, I see everything in pictures and like a movie in my head. Modelling helps out a lot.

G: You connect music with visual art not only in your videos but also on web pages. Does your image play an important role also in your stage performance?

Madeleine: Yes it does. But don’t know if image is the right word. I’m really myself on stage, more myself than ever.

G: As far as I know, you´ve had a formal training as a singer (unlike many other vocalists in metal music). Which singers do you personally admire?

Madeleine: Yes, I’ve had. My teacher Maria Peterzon is an amazing inspiration and has taught me that singing is not only with the voice. It’s with your full body. I’m very grateful to her.
Freddy Mercury has been a great inspiration ever since I was a kid. Not only his voice though, his whole performance has always been inspiring.

G: Who created the main concept of your videos? I was impressed especially by the video to the song ´Break Take Live´.

Madeleine: Thank you so much! Means a lot to hear. The videos are created by Rikard and I. We created everything from scratch for “Break Take Live”. We wrote the script, produced, filmed and edited the whole thing. The missing pieces were the color correction and effects made by our dear friend Daniel Helperin, an amazing talent. Also our friend Jörgen Rasmusson from Distortion Media lent us equipment and assisted during the whole project, a true angel.

G: You were on tour with Moonspell and The Foreshadowing and you played also in Prague, Czech Republic and in Košice, Slovakia just a few days ago. Unfortunately, your show in Košice was quite short. Were you satisfied with the reactions of the audience?

Madeleine: It was an amazing tour, we’re very grateful. Yes, due to some delay we had to cut one song from our show so it was shorter. But we’re very happy with the reactions of the audience. We loved every second on stage.




G: I really loved your duet with Fernando of Moonspell during the gig in Košice. It was a big surprise for the fans and you were brilliant. Who came up with the idea for this duet?

Madeleine: Really happy you loved it! Fernando asked me before the tour if I was interested, and who can turn down an offer like that? I was really honoured. If I were told when I was 16 years old that we one day would go on a tour with Moonspell AND that I would sing that duet with Fernando.. I would not have believed it, haha. It was amazing to share those minutes on stage with him and the band a couple of times. It was magical.

G: Are there any other bands you would like to tour with in the future?

Madeleine: There’s so many we would like to tour with. Bands like Arch Enemy, Rammstein and so on would be an honor. We’re not excluding anyone though. There’s a lot to learn from everyone and new friends to make. We recently went on tour with Moonspell, and we’d love to head out with them again!

G: Your full-length album Eleine was released in 2015. Do you already have any ideas for the new material?

Madeleine: Yes, we are writing new material all the time. Since we went separate ways with our former record label, in January 2016, we’re looking for a new label to collaborate with before we release a new album. We just hope it won’t take too long. We’re eager to release more music!

G: You´re active on social media and you often communicate with your fans. Where is your biggest fan base?

Madeleine: Everywhere from USA, Mexico, Brazil, to Sweden, Germany and Europe. According to Facebook’s statistics it’s USA on 1st place, Sweden on 2nd and Mexico on 3rd. 🙂

G: I know that Rikard is a big fan of video games and you create beautiful jewellery for your fans. 🙂 What else do you do in your free time?

Madeleine: What’s free time? Haha! I love my job. I plan photo shoots, I model, I edit pictures, I write music, watch movies/read books for inspiration..my life is my “work” and I love it. But if I have 1 hour to do nothing I like to grab a coffee with a friend, or simply visit my family´s cabin and sit there for a  while. Breathe in, and breathe out 🙂

G: Do you have a final message for your fans and our readers?

Madeleine: It’s thanks to you that we’re here today. We’re always so grateful to our fans and followers for being supportive, believing in us and that they want to share this whole adventure with us ♥

G: Thank you for your time  and I wish you all the best 🙂
Madeleine: Thank YOU! Likewise, hope we meet soon again. 🙂




Photo: Eleine

Photo edit: Machine Room Designs

All photos published with the permission of the band


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