Gravenkiss: Greetings from Obscuro. Could you introduce your band to our readers? What does the name Karma Rassa stand for?

Nagual: Hi! Karma Rassa was formed in the autumn of 2013. I’ve invited Naar on guitar at first. We have been playing for a long time with him in my other band – GUAHO. Then I suggested my friends from Inner Missing band – Sigmund and Melaer to play with us (once we with Naar made a videoclip for them). So then we’ve found Albe as a drummer .

As to the name «Karma Rassa», we’ve invented it with Naar during a walk with some beer around Saint-Petersburg. We’ve delved into the meanings and forms of different mystic words and the name was born. What does it mean? It’s a good chance for people to decide what it means personally for them! You can interpret this name as you wish 🙂

G: Your music captured my attention immediately and I can´t stop listening to it 🙂 What are your main musical influences?

Nagual: Thank you! It’s great to hear it! Oh, I listen to very different music – rock and metal, ethnic and folk, gothic and punk, ambient and electro music. There are a lot of favorite bands in each genre. It would take too long time to list them all 🙂

G:Your debut album Music into the Void was released in September 2014. How long did it take to record it?

Nagual: We’ve done it very fast. We started it in May 2014 and finished in September. Of course, by the time we’ve started to record all arrangements for songs were finished. I think that all musical material should be recorded while it’s fresh.

G: Do you already have any ideas for the new material?

Nagual: Yes, I do. We are planning to start recording a new album this autumn.




G: You will be playing at Prog Power Europe Festival 2015 in Netherlands. Are you planning to play at any other metal festivals this year?

Nagual: We will be happy to play at all metal festivals, but we didn’t get other offers yet. But I hope everything is still ahead.

G: You released an official video clip to the song Taste Of Sorrow in December 2014. Who was the director of this original video?

Nagual: I was the director, but all musicians participated in this hard work. For example we’ve invented this screenplay together.

G: The logo of Karma Rassa looks like DNA combined with an eye and I guess it has a special meaning. It has also appeared in your video. Can you explain it?

Nagual: I just can say that it’s a very symbolic thing 🙂 And it’s also a good chance for the audience to explore this symbolism by themselves.

G: As far as I know you play also in a gothic metal band. Which subgenre of metal do you personally prefer?

Nagual: Yes, the band called GUAHO. Genres and subgenres are not the most important thing for me. The main thing in all arts and especially in music is how close it is to you personally. So I like when music has mystical divine atmosphere. And you can find it in gothic metal, black metal or any other subgenre. But not every band has it.


karma rassa_youtube


G: Not many people go to metal concerts in the Czech Republic these days. It seems that they enjoy summer festivals more. What´s the situation in Russia? Do you have the same problem?

Nagual: Unfortunately we have this problem too. But the situation in Russia is worse because we don’t have big metal festivals! Russian fans often go to European festivals. But it’s very seldom when Russian bands play at European festivals. It’s also difficult to make tours in Russia for underground artists because the distances between cities are very long and travel expenses are very big. But we try to cope with it.

G: What are your ambitions and plans for the future?

Nagual: At first we are planning to record one cover song. I think it will be an unexpected song for all 🙂 We also prepare to record second album and to make video. As to other plans, we would like to play concerts all over the world – small and big festivals, or just solo shows. We will try to do it!

G: Is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Nagual: Dive headlong in music! It’s a good instrument to find and grasp yourself! Be progressive!

G: Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best 🙂

Nagual: Thank you! Karma Rassa wishes you all the best, too!

Best regards, Nagual.






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