When ‘Project Silence’ released their first full length album in 2012 called ‘424’, a new industrial-electronic star appeared on the Finnish sky. The band is from Kuopio. It was founded in 2008 and it was carefully mapping the terrain through several singles. ‘424’ was a brilliant debut and thanks to the quality of its sound, ‘Project Silence’ no longer stand in the shadow of Finnish industrial giants such as Turmion Kätilöt or Ruoska. On the contrary. I’m not a Finnish review and therefore I can heretically say, that ‘Project Silence’ are the best industrial-electronic metal band in Finland. And this feeling has grown even stronger after the listening to the new album.

First time I listened to ‘424’, I wanted to push it aside and leave it there. The first track of this album hadn’t caught my attention at all, nevertheless, I decided to listen to the whole album. When the second track had begun to play, I realised this was no ordinary and boring electronic music. I was hooked. When the second album was released, I knew what kind of music to expect. I felt most curious about what it will bring. My curiosity was satisfied and my expectations exceeded. I wrote that ‘424’ was a brilliant debut. Well, this is a perfection. It’s a dynamite. It’s a mind-blowing album.

I have a feeling, I shouldn’t write this album sounded more acoustic, for I’m not sure, whether it would be a compliment to the electronic band. However, the balance between the acoustic and electronic element is the music is outstanding. Even though the first instrumental track ‘Omen’ s based on technical sound and it tempts a listener into somewhat pleasant darkness, the second track ‘Flesh of the Gods’ leads into the depth of cruel call of the frontman’s voice and into disturbing uncertainness. Delacroix knows how to use his voice instead of knife. That very voice is also so characteristic and original, one doesn’t get bored of it. His voice butchery, sharp sound of drums and excellent guitars performed by two men hidden under names ‘Mr. Sanderz’ and ‘J’, that is what is turning ‘Project Silence’ into a highly addictive drug.

The music keeps rolling forward. It never stops, never gets tired. It also doesn’t flow, it flames instead. A thick ball of clinched tones sometimes shatters into a mass of music, which pulse, rolls over the space and hurtles through a tunnel. It’s quite an epic listening, which resembles of a quick, intensive trip caused by LSD.

I’m not very keen on electronic music, but I have no limits here. It’s clear that ‘Project Silence’ worked hard on the style purity and compactness of the album. After all, the singles, the band had been releasing last year, could give a hint about future development of the style. ‘Inflection’ released lased year was a good taste of what had been coming the year after.

Critic’s ear can purr with pleasure when it comes to guitars in tracks ‘Prototype’ or ‘The Era of Fear’, while in others, it will scream with pain caused by harshness of Delacroix’ voice. This keyboardist, composer and vocalist from Kuopio is a universal talent, and despite of his utterly black metal looks, which could scare the soul out of children and some elderly people as well, he perfectly matches the electronic sound of the band.


Finally, I shouldn’t forget about an excellent bass player, who is hiding under the name ‘Sturmpanzerjäger‘, as well as a very punctual drummer ‘Silve_R’. The band as such is simply a compact nuclear bomb containing catchy music. As a person, who is strongly drawn to Finland, I can’t but sincerely recommend this album.

translation: Toni Střítezská

images: Teuvo Joki

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