It´s October and that´s the best time for some witchcraft. This time with Russian BLACKTHORN. These girls are not only beautiful, but also very talented. Check out our new interview!

Gravenkiss: Hi from Obscuro! Your style is called Symphonic Hextreme Metal and your music has a really dark atmosphere. What´s your main source of inspiration?

Aina: Hails from BLACKTHORN! Yes, dark atmosphere for life. Our major sources of inspiration are the darkest side of human nature and witchcraft, but I’d say these things are equal.

Elvira: We are inspired by classical music and all around us.

G: Can you tell me something about the concept behind the name Blackthorn?

Aina: According to beliefs and legends of many countries, blackthorn is a tree associated with witchcraft. It’s said witches used it in their rituals to curse or initiate someone. Thorns are that part of the tree where the biggest power concentrates. They symbolize seduction and pain and at the same time – strength, purification and supernatural protection. I do believe this name matches us.

G: I think that nobody can deny that Blackthorn consists of brilliant artists. How did you girls meet and who are the founding members of the band?

Aina: Well, we try to be good artists. BLACKTHORN was formed by me and some ex-band members. Being active since 2004, we have lived through necessary line-up changes. Now we have a strong line-up, so definitely hope to stay this way. As far as I remember, I met Elvira in 2006, she was a pen-friend of our ex-guitarist. Later we recruited Greta, then Less and finally Acotath – we found her through one of our social network communities.
Elvira: Yes, mostly we met through Internet. However strange it is, but it’s hard to meet appropriate musicians in such an enormous city like Moscow.

G: You are an all female band and I bet you´ve come across lots of different opinions. How do people perceive you?

Elvira: I think, the best way is just to do what you love, and don’t take all opinions too seriously.

Aina: They perceive us mostly well. We understand opinions differ and never take it personally if someone says we’re not his cup of tea. Of course there are always people who hate (or do they show their love this way?) us so much they stalk the band online with their affronts. It’s a good thing that these warriors are brave only on the internet and don’t have the guts to say their insults to our faces. Otherwise it would be exhausting since their attempts to offend us are always poor af.

G: When speaking about music business, is there anything that really annoys you?

Elvira: Lack of good music industry for extreme metal genres in Russia is a really annoying thing.

G: You´ve played several cover versions such as Death of Love by Cradle of Filth and Sister September by Anorexia Nervosa (which I really love). What do you prefer- playing your original songs or cover versions?

Elvira: We like both. Covers inspire us and it’s taken well by the audience.

G: When I listen to the songs such as Hexshadow Turned To Flesh, it is obvious that some parts of your songs are rather experimental. Who´s the main author of your music?

Elvira: I’m the main composer and arranger of the band, but of course I accept ideas from other musicians too. I think, it’s a good way to get good balance between the recognizability and diversity of songs.




G: You released your last album Witch Cult Ternion in 2015. Are you satisfied with the reactions of your fans?

Aina: Yes, we’re pleased with the reactions. It seems with this new album our army grows bigger and stronger.
Elvira: Howewer, we hope to get more positive reviews and maybe some offers from promoters!

G: Which Blackthorn album and song are your personal favourites?

Acotath: Strix Nebulosa, Threnody in Flames, Bleeding Milliads, Hexshadow Turned to Flesh.

Aina: Strix Nebulosa, Hexshadow Turned to Flesh, Graven on a Deathless Sin, Witch Cult Ternion.

Elvira: Well, it’s always hard to choose, which of your children is the best! Let it be Strix Nebulosa, Witch Cult Ternion, Moonbreed Sigil, Hexshadow Turned to Flesh.

G: Are you currently working on the new material?

Elvira: Of course, we have some new ideas and even new songs. But before recording of the new album we are going to re-record some old songs in new quality!

G: Can you tell me something about your live shows? What can people expect from you on stage?

Aina: We are five on stage: a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, a violinist and me on vocals. Many people are delighted with our violinist cause this instrument definitely creates a special atmosphere. I sing soprano and also use scream singing technique. Growling is provided by Elvira. We prepare special shows, but it doesn’t happen every time. However, we always have a great time onstage and  try to share our energy with the audience.

Elvira: We are always looking forward to performing live on stage. It’s like a powerful ritual for us and our audience.

G: Have you ever played in the Czech Republic? Are there any gigs confirmed in the near future?

Aina: Yeah, we played in Ostrava in 2012. No confirmed gigs so far, but it would be really cool to play in your country again!

Elvira: By the way, I’m going to visit your wonderful country in October after Metal Female Voices Festival in Wieze (Belgium). Hope to have more shows in the Czech Republic in future!

G: Are there any bands which you would wish to tour with?

Elvira: Maybe it would be great to tour with Red from USA, Carach Angren, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. And of course, I’m always glad to see on tour our friends Sinful and Little Dead Bertha.

Acotath: Arkadi Ukoopnick, Bytirka, Fleshgod Apocalypse, We Butter the Bread With Butter, All Shall Perish, Molotov Solution, Necrophagist, 1349, Despised Icon, Hate, Alexander Pistoletov, Pahom, MC Poh, Dark Funeral, Abigail Williams, Ruki Vverh, Vildhjarta, Rings of Saturn, Narjahanam, Chthonic.

Aina: You gotta limit your appetites with those Russian stars, girl. Ok, jokes aside, I don’t care so much about the bands to tour with. Every band is great as long as its band members are friendly and down to earth and share my taste in alcohol.

G: Great 🙂 Do you have a final message for our readers?

Acotath: Listen to your mom!!! Eat your borsch and you can get some liquorice after.

Aina: Check out our newest album ‚Witch Cult Ternion‘ if you have not yet done so. Thank you for your interest in our band!

Elvira: Feel free to visit good metal festivals and for example, Metal Female Voices Festival XIII in Belgium! You have a chance to see us live on the big stage with Tarja Turunen, Liv Kristine, Leaves’ Eyes and Tristania. Thanks for your attention!

G: Thank you for your time, girls 🙂




Photos: band´s archive

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