There are so many good reasons to come and experience Nummirock. Dozens of these reasons you may find at the festival’s vast line up. And one name on this list is better than the one before – no matter how often you start over reading.

Another reason why I really wanted to come back this year, was to return to all these wonderfully bizarre people I saw, met and watched during the last time! Nummirock seems to be some kind of XL campsite and lakeside stage for all those who wish to express their very individual life style in extravagant dresses, make-ups and performances (off stage as much as on stage) – even if it is for these couple of festival days. There were these two guys in identical pig-hats plus light, knee-long summer dresses with Laura-Ashley-like flower patterns. Oh, and think of this rather short girl, remarkably shorter and rounder than the average image of an Middle Earth elf but dressed in white and pink ballet dress with white, perfectly arranged wings (made from curtain cloth). One year the festival shirt came in piggy pink. Imagine all the dark, grumpy looking, bearded bikers and metal heads with their piggy-pink shirts – proud as hell to wear them and thereby making undoubtedly sure: I was there! Ok, I admit, I was too late, to get my own! And really: I hate pink, all the more piggy-pink!  – Perhaps I dislike the institution of the P tree a little more, even. But that’s another story.


As mentioned before, the stage outfits of the bands often enough make a perfect match to the colourful crowd. I mean, just think of Eläkeläiset. The seniors may come in a rather bourgeois outfit while their show is any but that. Seeing them dancing and hopping on top of their keyboards, you will surely agree. In the meantime the crowd trains hard for the forthcoming polonaise world championships! Speaking of bourgeois, there is no way around Bob Malmström! Some of us might have had the pleasure to experience their unique interpretation of punk in continental Europe on their tour with Stam1na (and Ratface) some months ago. Take a look at these most decent appearing gentlemen. This is one of the hottest punk acts

Bob Malmström

Finland has on offer at the moment, although this might not be your first impression of the men shown on this photo. Their rather wealthy private background plays a critical role in their lyrics (in Swedish) and band philosophy. So I am all the more happy to not only see them perform on stage but also to meet them for an interview!

Just in case: I love the colourful crowds (and bands) of Nummirock. The festival is place and time of living tolerance while ignorance is trying hard to shatter our faith in freedom.

Stay tuned. Stay curious. And listen to metal!

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"It has always been this way!" - I heard this phrase too often and it became the best reason for me to make it (whatever it is) my own way.

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