Insomnium released „Heart Like A Grave“ (review) back in October and immediately kicked of a series of tours beginning with release shows in their home country Finland and then continental Europe.  Our photos were taken on their show in Berlin in early December.

This tour – currently continued in the UK and Finland – is the first with Jani Liimatainen (The Dark Element with Anette Olzon) since he was officially presented as the band’s additional guitarist. Jani has been a friend and stand-in for Ville Friman for years when Ville could not tour due to his day job obligations. He perfectly fits in the band chemistry, in particular among the guitarist. Jani’s also set his mark on the „Heart Like A Grave“ album that entered the album charts all over. It achieved a number-one-position in Finland and a top-10-position in Germany, for example.

Insomnium will be playing on numerous big festivals all over Europe in 2020 such as Tuska, John Smith, Nummirock in Finland, Rock Harz in Germany, Rock Fest in Barcelona/Spain, or the Area Festival in Austria.

The Berlin venue, Astra Kulturhaus, offers a quite large stage in a very central location. And quite numerous fans had come to see The Black Dahlia Murder. The US American Melo Death heros took over the well warmed up stage and crowd from the one and only Stam1na. They might be the least known band but have actually the longest history of this line up. Their shows have always been simply fun and that’s what was is in Berlin, too! A perfect metal show night!


The Black Dahlia Murder


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